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I work at a place where people encourage me, respect me, and expect me to do well. In return, I admire them, learn from them, and seek them for advice and development. For this, I am grateful.

I'm grateful for family. I'm particularly grateful for in-laws to whom I share no similar genes, life experiences, or beliefs, and yet can share a wonderful day of drinking, eating, and talking that both lifts me up and settles me down.

Marmite in my sandwich
Marmite on my toast
Marmite in the bedroom
Marmite to hide the feeling of crushing loneliness
Marmite in a stew!

The Bean has been experimenting with telling fibs.

This morning she tried to convince me that she knows Katy Perry.

She still has a bit of learning to do.

LCD Clock made in HTML, CSS, and Javascript:

The order of my thoughts in the parking lot:

  1. "Hey, someone else has the same car as me"
  2. "They even have mud up the side of their car like I do"
  3. "Wow, they chose a custom license plate as well, I wonder what it says?"
  4. "I know my car is around here somewhere"

It is my car.